YouTube Has Made Certain Official Kpop Accounts Unavailable In The U.S

To my dismay, It was reported that certain Kpop accounts on YouTube were being made unavailable to the U.S. Many American fans are devastated at this news, as they can’t access some of their favorite groups videos. 

youtube BTS for you

My heart tragically broke in two when I found out that I couldn’t watch some of my favorite groups videos on Youtube anymore. Kpop fans have yet to find out the reason behind the companies blocking access to the U.S.

Thankfully “1theK” has some of the unavailable videos on their channel, but sadly they don’t have all of them. Woollim Entertainment’s channel and Infinitehome channel has been made available to the U.S again, since the posting of the “Allkpop” article below. American fans now have to wait until they can gain access to the other channels that have been made unavailable.

Videos for MBLAQ, Mad Town, INFINITE, Lovelyz, and the Japanese MVs for 2PM and BTS were all made unavailable in the United States for a reason that has yet to be explained. Fans can still watch the ones available on the 1theK channel, but content from J.Tune Camp’s official channel, Woollim Entertainment’s official channel, and 2PM and BTS’ official Japanese channels can no longer be played in the United States. 


Hopefully this is just a glitch that will soon be fixed. Just the thought of not being able to access Kpop frightens me. This may sound pathetic, but almost my whole life is centered around Korean culture and that includes Kpop. This situation basically gave me a glimpse into my world without Kpop, and lets just say I don’t want to experience that kind of thought again.


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