Fangirl Review: F(X) “4 Walls”

F(X) made their long-awaited comeback with only four members this time. This is F(X)’s fourth full-length album, the album and title track are called “4 Walls”. The title track is catchy and the smooth beat and vocals is entrancing.

F(X) 4walls

Image: smtown Facebook

I am so pleased with this album! I waited for their comeback, so they could redeem themselves after previously releasing their third album, “Red Light”. I am sad to see Sulli leave the group, but F(X) is just as good like they were in the past. I always like their group concepts, because they are different and fun. This has to be one of my favorite albums so far.

The MV is kind of trippy in a way that it has many alternate meanings and interpretations. The members appear to be living together like they are at there dorm. Since there are four members, they are the four walls that keep them together as one. What ever happens to one person it will have an affect on the other three. Like when Amber dropped her cup and Luna cut her foot on it, and when Victoria slipped on the spilt water.

When they are in the mysterious forest it seems to be a place that can fix what happened in the future, kinda like the butterfly effect, almost. In the forest it shows certain things happening to different members, like it shows Victoria spilling the water, and Luna floating in the air to signify her slipping on the water. Also the MV shows the members changing each role within the dorm as well. Like the scene were the members wake up and put on a blue jacket. Each member putting on the jacket is different, it starts off with Amber and ends with Victoria. So each time they go back to the past to fix the future, the outcome always comes out different but the events happen to different members. It seems like a never ending cycle, until Victoria catches the cup that started everything at the end of the MV.

The song “4 Walls” is about being in love and how the other person makes them feel. They open a new door to a new room that contain all their emotions and memories of that special person. The room is essentially the person trapping them, because they are too captivated and in love with that said person.


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