Fangirl Review: Zico “Boys and Girls” (Feat. Babylon)

Zico makes his return as a solo artist with his new catchy single “Boys and Girls”. This comeback is more bright and bubbly, unlike his previous single “Tough Cookie” which was bad-ass and charismatic.

Zico boys and girls

This song is so catchy! The track is smooth and upbeat that makes your body sway immediately. Zico and Babylon slayed this song, I can not handle the feels I get when listening to Zico’s sick rapping skills with Babylon’s beautiful vocals. I love the colors and brightness of the MV. Just watching the MV and listening to the song puts me in a good mood.

The MV shows Zico and Babylon dancing and hanging out with many pretty girls in different situations. Zico presents himself as a cute hip hop bad-boy wanting to have fun with a special lady, and Babylon seems like his wing-man. The overall theme and color of the scenes makes the video fun to watch, mostly because the artists themselves are having a fun time hanging out with each other. I also loved the intense little dance scenes with Babylon, and the end dance scene with just Zico and Babylon was cool and on point.

The song lyrics are saying, I will take care of you, so let’s go party. The lyrics represent himself, basically saying that even though you know who I am don’t overreact. He doesn’t want a girl to hangout with him if they just want picture proof for their Instagram. He goes on to say, lets put our phones away and spend real-time together, if you’re gonna be a buzz kill then leave. The song is essentially a guide on how to hangout and have fun, instead of worrying about everything.

Listen to this amazing track below, and get entranced by its amazing beat and on point vocals and rap.


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