Fangirl Review: B.A.P “Young, Wild & Free”

After a long year and a half the kings are finally back. It’s been a long ride for B.A.P and their fans ever since their legal battle with their company, but they persevered and released their amazing 4th mini-album “MATRIX”.

bap matrix


I can not contain my excitement, It feels so unreal that B.A.P is finally back. They released an exceptional title track called “Young, Wild & Free”. I really like how with this album it reflects them and everything they have been through as a group. It also has the overall concept of youth, telling us to never give up or back down and to live our lives the way we want to.

The MV is stylistic yet simple in a way that it expresses the song in an impactful manner. The MV starts with the group standing together and ends with them together reclaiming their kingdom in the Kpop world. I like how the beginning of the video shows an artistic mouth painting, and as it zooms in it focuses on all the members. Its like traveling into their world and hearing what they have to say.

There is a scene where it shows Yongguk being blinded by they cameras that are surrounding him, or can also be perceived as Yongguk not noticing the cameras that are always following his every movement. It seems to make the statement that the media and being in the spotlight makes a big impact on what he does and the decisions he makes. It can also mean that he is hiding his real emotions in front of the camera.

The members come together in the middle of the MV and are shown having fun  and causing trouble with spray paint. This scene is heartwarming and shows that when they are together they can do anything and get through every obstacle that gets in their way. Further into the MV Youngjae sees himself dead and is shocked, this scene seems to symbolize seeing the possibility of being defeated. Then we see Zelo flash his beautiful abs, and tell everyone this isn’t the end, we will rise.

There was a winged lion throughout the MV, which seems to represent their courageous fight for what they believe is right. The winged lion is also the symbolization of Mark the Evangelist, the author of the second gospel account. The winged lion – is a figure of courage and monarchy. The lion also represents Jesus’ Resurrection (because lions were believed to sleep with open eyes, a comparison with Christ in the tomb), and Christ as king. This signifies that Christians should be courageous on the path of salvation (Wikipedia).

The song lyrics talk about B.A.P’s fight and hardships they have been through and that youth is our toughest years. They tell us to never give up even if we fall and crash, and to have courage to fight til the end. The lyrics can also be about B.A.P and their fans standing together and helping with B.A.P’s fight against their company.


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