Fangirl Review: GOT7 “Confession Song”

GOT7 is back and more adorable than ever with their repackaged version of their fourth mini album “MAD.” This repackaged album is called “MAD Winter Edition” and its title track is “Confession Song.”


Image: JYP

GOT7 become Santa’s helpers by making a surprise visit to a school and helping the male students confess to their girl crushes, in this festive and cute MV. I teared up from the fun and creative way these guys confessed to their crushes. I can say that a lot of fangirl’s probably now have higher standards and expectations in men after watching this video.

The MV was really creative and included real students instead of GOT7 acting out the scenario. All the GOT7 members decorate a school gym with holiday cheer and dress up in reindeer heads to hunt down the female students that the male students are going to confess to. Then they start singing their confession song to the lucky female students that are about to receive a confession from the male student that is covering himself up with a bear mask. Once the male student takes the bear mask off, they shyly confess to the girl in their own way. When the girls say yes the GOT7 members throw fake snow and confetti to congratulate the new couple.

The MV is so refreshing and interactive that you can sense the emotion and meaning of the song. One of my favorite parts is when Jackson has a hard time entering the classroom with his reindeer mask on. I also like when Jackson accidentally runs into JB and almost makes him fall. Though my all time favorite moments in the MV is seeing the students become a couple, it was really touching.

The song lyrics are expressing how scary it is to confess to the one you love, because they might not like you back. The song overall is a confession from one person to the person they love. It describes the hardship they had concealing their feeling and finally having the courage to say those feeling through this song.



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