Fangirl Review: BTS “Run” And “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Series Theories/Explanation

BTS new mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2” has finally been released! This album series is truly amazing and the MV’s stories are so detailed and well thought out, my fangirl heart can’t take it.

bts run

“The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” series is intense, it has a mind boggling plot, it’s an emotional roller-coaster, and has multiple interpretations that leave you confused yet astonished at how well-crafted and thought out this series was. when watching “Run” I was gasping at the plot twists cause I thought I knew what the other MV’s could of meant, but man wasn’t I wrong. I still can’t get over this MV, I thought I was ready but nope the feels were just not having it. I can positively say that BTS officially killed me with this series. Though these MV’s have fans questioning whether Jin is alive or dead? There are many different theories that fans came up with, I am going to share some of those theories and express how¬†I feel¬†about them.

If you want to skip the overview of the first¬†two video’s scroll down to the “Run” review below.

Warning: Everything written below is my theory and interpretation and also some fan theories of everything that happened in”The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” series.

First, I am going to give a quick overview of what I thought “I Need U” and the Prologue meant before “Run” came out.¬†

“I Need U” Overview

In “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1” the MV for the title song “I Need U” was touching on different theories of how either six members died or if only Jin died and showed some of the events that lead up to that conclusion. It was like a preview or introduction for the rest of the series, to get fans thinking of the concept of the mini albums and the story-line of the MV’s. For more information about what I thought “I Need U” means check out my blog post here. At that time I really believed that only six out of the seven members died and Jin was the only one left mourning, since it showed how the members were having a tough time and kinda hinted on them dying.

bts jin

Prologue Overview

Next was when they dropped the prologue. This assured me at first that my “I Need U” theory was somewhat correct, because Jin having the camera and recording everything and having some of those clips playing within the video made it seem like his remaining memories he had with the members before they died. To me the prologue¬†was like Jin telling the story of how the events in “I Need U” started. Watching this video¬†made me assume that ¬†because of V committing suicide by jumping off the platform¬†into the water, the other members couldn’t handle V’s death, so I thought that’s why the members all acted out and ended their lives in¬†“I Need U” and Jin was sad and depressed because he wasn’t able to protect them. Also the ending clip that got cut out of the prologue showed Jin in the truck by himself looking at the picture Rapmon took of him and Suga at the gas station, only to realize that he was the only one in the picture. That’s what had me believe that he came to the realization that the members were dead.

v prologue

Fan Theory

But, other fans¬†theorized that the prologue showed that the last two people alive were V and Jin after what happened in “I Need U”. The other members were there in spirit. Fans speculated that V called Jin in the beginning of the video because he killed his dad after seeing his dad¬†abuse his mom, so they meet up at the abandoned pool where we see V holding an old photo of him and his mom. The plastic bag that floats by the¬†pool could be¬†a representation of an abandoned place signifying that no one is actually there except him and V.

There are other scenes that hint the other members are dead like J-Hope covering Jimin with a blanket because he is cold, signifying him drowning himself in the cold water. Suga ignites a fire with his lighter and Jungkook blows it out, representing how he died in the fire. Maybe that’s why J-Hope and Jimin are always together and Suga and Jungkook are always together because they committed suicide after the other one did. For instance, Jimin drowned himself because J-Hope overdosed on pills and now J-Hope is in the after life with Jimin looking after¬†him, which he couldn’t do when they were alive, the same goes for Suga and Jungkook. As for Rap Monster he is seen has being closer to V, though it never really specifies how he died, leaving us to think he is in between life and death. Since he wrote on the mirror “You/We need to¬†survive” this leaves me to believe that it was a message for V and Jin.

bts prologue

The scene where Jin is holding a picture and asking if they can go there is a picture from the beach scene in “I Need U”. It was one of the fun memories they all shared there together when all of the other members were alive. So the next day, they went to the beach and that’s when V decides to climb up¬†the platform and look at Jin before he jumps into the water wanting to die and be with the rest of the members since he can’t handle the guilt of killing his father. I noticed that V is wearing the same jacket that he wore when he killed his dad in “I Need U”. The other members are sitting next to Jin and it seems like they are signaling V to come to the afterlife with them or encouraging him to jump. Though we are only left to assume he drowned because we never see him land in the water.

That’s when the end scene which got cut out, shows Jin in the truck by himself at the beach and looking at the picture Rapmon took of him and Suga at the gas station only for Jin to see himself in the photo. The photo kinda looks like a selfie, which leaves us to believe that he imagined being with the other members the whole time.

jin prologue

“Run” Review

Now after watching the plot twist in “Run” I realize that my theories before could be wrong and yet still be right, from mixing my theories with some of the fan theories I read.¬†

From watching “Run” It seems as though Jin is dead. Looking back In “I Need U” Jin is seen in an isolated room dressed in white with the six flower pedals representing the best friends he has to leave behind. When he opens the curtain to his window there is nothing outside the window only a bright light. The pedals also catch¬†on fire signifying the destruction of the other members¬†after finding out that Jin died. From some of the scenes in “Run” it seems as though Jin died from a train accident, because is keeps showing images of a train. As for the prologue Jin has the camera because the camera and video symbolize his lasting memories. He was never actually there Jin was a force that guided the members and watched over¬†them. That’s why in all the videos Jin is not participating in any of the ruthless actions that the other members participate in.

That could be why there are some form of mirrors in all the MV’s, because the mirrors represent a parallel universe in a way. Jin is on one side and the other members on the other, that’s why it seems as though they are all together. They cross into each other’s realm so to say, so they mix up their dreams/fantasies/memories with reality. It explains why Jin has pictures of¬†himself and why the members only have picture of without Jin.

The prologue was mostly about how V was coping with what he did to his dad because of all the frustration built up in him from losing Jin, so he lashed out on his abusive father. In the beginning of the prologue V actually could have called Rapmon or Jin since he said “I miss you”, which could reference Jin since he died or that Rapmon died first out of the six remaining members because of the pairing system that resulted from Jin’s death, because there isn’t a response on the other phone-line. The pairings go¬† J-Hope/Jimin, Suga/Jungkook, Rapmon/V they basically help each other cope and stay strong.¬†The MV for “Run” goes into the details left out of “I Need U”.¬†“I Need U” showed how the members hurt themselves and “Run” shows how the members hurt the people around them, which causes them to hurt themselves in¬†“I Need U”.

bts runn

In “Run” the MV starts off where the prologue left off with V falling in the water. This is then followed by Rapmon splashing ice in his cup with his lollipop which could mean that he is already dead, because his flame burned out in the water. He could be dead because he got a job at a gas station shown in “I Need U” to cope with Jin’s death and he couldn’t take how people were treating him like he was worthless anymore, so he ended his life. He is seen walking through a railroad track and getting on a train cart, which leads to a party scene with all the members that can be his final fun memory with them, but then it is revealed that the train cart is empty and he is the only one in there.

Then it goes to V’s memories while he is drowning in the water, he is seen spray painting Jin’s body outline and marking an “X” on him, this can be a representation of Jin being dead, because he is also wearing a white shirt. V also does this in the prologue with Rapmon in the empty pool, which could mean that he too is dead. the “Run” MV then goes on to show V remembering how him and Rapmon would go out spray-painting and getting in trouble together, they were essentially partners in crime.

bts run rapmon

bts runnnn

Then the scene changes and Jin is building a house of cards which V destroys, that’s when Jin realizes that he is dead. When watching the prologue he makes this same face when filming a butterfly, it’s like he begins to realize that he is dead but gets lost in his memories as if he is alive. When Rapmon and V get caught by the cops in “Run” that’s when V realizes that him being¬†with Rapmon is only a memory and so he starts struggling in the water, noticing the reality of what is happening to him.

Then the scenes switch over to J-Hope and Jimin were we see that J-hope is in the hospital because of his depression. Jimin comes and visits him in his room, they are wearing the same outfits which means that Jimin is also suffering from depression. The pillow fight scene then leads into the party scene with all the members and they have fun having a huge pillow fight, these two members then land on the feathers together. Since J-Hope’s scene starts with him staring as if he realizes that he died, Jimin visiting him in his hospital room could be his¬†last memory together with Jimin before he takes his life by overdosing on pills in¬†“I Need U”.

bts run jhope

bts runnn

After the pillow fight Rapmon is scene picking up a card with a butterfly on it, then it pans out to him being in the train car alone holding the card. The butterfly is a symbol of V because of the prologue yet it can also be a symbol of never letting your dreams fly away.

Now comes Suga and Jungkook’s story. Suga is taking the loss very hard and cant control himself, Jungkook tries to stop him and Suga wont listen so Jungkook punches him to knock some sense into him only for Suga to destroy the mirror and run out. This is when Jungkook realizes that he is dead, in¬†“I Need U” it shows Jungkook aimlessly walking around and then getting into a fight only to get hit by a car. His last memory was getting into a fight with Suga and being alone. This leads Suga to commit suicide because of the guilt about fighting with Jungkook which lead to Jungkook’s death, that’s why he set his room on fire in¬†“I Need U”.

bts run

Then the MV transitions to the members in a field and meeting each other, That’s when Jungkook looks down and sees Jin sitting on the grass looking up at him, as if he is with Jin now. But then the scene changes and Jungkook is sitting on top of the truck looking down only to notice the traffic jam and then joins the other members in attacking the other peoples cars. This can be a memory of Jungkook’s that shows all the bad stuff they did to distract them from Jin’s death. If you look at the back of the truck only five members are in there so that means Rapmon is driving the car not Jin because he is only there in spirit.

Then the focus transitions to Jimin, he is seen walking into the bathroom and there is a party going on with all the remaining members. He looks surprised to see them and that’s when Jin appears and pulls him in and pushes him into the bath tub. The members are playfully pushing him under the water, this can represent that since all the other members passed away especially J-Hope he is being taunted in to joining them in the afterlife. Jimin seems to have drowned himself after knowing that J-hope killed himself since he is wearing the same hospital outfit that he was wearing when visiting J-hope. Then we see V struggling in the water even more and we see V in the bathtub laughing instead of Jimin. That transition can be symbolizing V drowning from jumping in the ocean in the prologue.

bts run jimin


bts run jiminn

That’s when all the memories of the members running together to escape reality flash before our eyes and then the scene changes to the six members walking on a dark street and then Jungkook turns around and Jin’s light from the truck is brightening their path and Jungkook smiles at him, it’s like Jin is guiding them into heaven since in the whole MV it seemed like they were lost and confused or that Jin met up with the rest of the members in heaven. It then shows V pop out of the water, but there is no reflection like when he fell in, I believe this to mean that he did die and is now in the afterlife.

The end scene of the MV shows Jin and all the members standing next to the truck in a picture, but Jimin is in the bathtub holding that picture and when he looks at it Jin isn’t there. This could be him coming to the realization that Jin is dead and so are the other members because of it, he burns the picture because he doesn’t want to believe this, that is why he ends up drowning himself in the bathtub to meet the other members in heaven.

bts runnnnn


Overall it seems as though the party scenes are all the members in heaven just having fun and not having to worry about a thing, that’s why the members start to realize that they are dead when certain things at the party trigger their memory of when they were alive.

Though in a way the MV can be interpreted as Jin being alive and him witnessing all the members dying and he is saying goodbye to the members when Jungkook turns around and smiles at him. Or this can also mean that the other members are actually alive and they all helped each other cope with Jin being dead since they had each other and Jungkook turning around smiling was him saying goodbye to Jin and knowing that Jin is watching over them, and V coming out of the water was him wanting to live. This series has so many different interpretations and angles that any theory can be right in its own way, it’s too mind-blowing!

The date April 29, 2015, is the date part one of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” was released, shown at the end of the MV. The end date is shown as “Forever”, I think this means since the albums overall represent youth and never giving up on dreams that youth is forever because it will always be a part of your life, the part that creates who you are in the future. The date can also mean the song title “I Need U” plus “Forever”, meaning I need you forever.

Here are some fan theories that I found interesting and mind-blowing:



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