Fangirl Review: Luhan “Lu”

Ever since Luhan went separate ways with EXO he has released his first solo mini album,Reloaded I, and other singles, and now he is back with a new single called “Lu” from his single album Reloaded II. This song is amazing, my fangirl heart couldn’t handle the power that is Luhan.


Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Luhan is doing amazing solo, his songs are so good and meaningful! He is also showing many different sides of him, which makes things more mysterious and exciting. With his recent release “Lu” I can definitely say Luhan got “That Good Good”.

The MV is more of a lyric video than anything, but the art tells a story of its own. I like how ever since Luhan’s EXO days his fans said he looked like a deer, so they call him Ludeer and he keeps his deer image with him, by having the deer in the MV represent him. Now the overall song is about how him and a girl have a “fun time” if you know what I mean. Right from the beginning the beat of this song is enchanting, then bam, Luhan’s beautiful voice makes all the listeners hearts sink. I like the way he sings this song vocally, I felt the emotion and the seduction that the song was trying to express. I was surprised at first that the whole song is in English, but he pulls it off so well, I cant even.

This song definitely shows a more naughty side to Luhan that we never heard before. I am happy that he gets to do songs that he wants to do and experiment with different genres. He is doing really well solo, I love all his different songs and cant wait to listen to more songs to come.


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