The Hidden Creatures At The University Of Maine

Many people just walk around the UMaine campus and just see the beautiful buildings and all the attending students and professors. Yet their is much more than that, UMaine is filled with many different creatures that live among us, you just have to keep your eyes open and you can spot them.


11/19/15: The Mall on campus is always filled with students heading to class without focusing on their surroundings.

black bear

11/19/15: The animal most known to the student body is the Black Bear, since it has been the university’s mascot since 1914. The first black bear to be the mascot for UMaine was Jeff Bananas, later the name Bananas became the official name for the university’s mascot.


11/22/15: The eastern grey squirrel is seen everywhere on campus. This fall they will be out scatter-hoarding for seeds and fruits for the winter season, because they do not hibernate for the winter.


10/20/15: The eastern chipmunk is harder to spot around campus as it lines its burrows underground with sticks and leaves to prepare for the winter. The eastern chipmunk does not hibernate but they do enter long periods of torpor, which is a decrease in metabolism, activity, and body-temperature.


11/17/15: The black-capped chickadee can be found in the various trees and woody shrubs on campus. This chickadee was alone so that means its a winter floater, doesn’t have a flock it specifically belongs to.


11/14/15: There are many white-tailed deer roaming around on the outside of campus and sometimes they make seldom visits on campus. Two years ago when I was a freshman, there used to be an albino deer that could be spotted once in awhile, but I have not seen or heard about it sense.


10/31/15: This cutie is a Himalayan cat named Wil. He is a rescue cat that Samuel Price took in when he was a kitten. Wil is now training as a therapy cat for his owner. Wil can only come visit Samuel since he can’t live on campus yet. Once Wil gets certified as a therapy cat, him and Samuel can live together in the dorms.


11/06/15: This chameleon was visiting the Umaine campus by accompanying its new owner, Steven Jamieson. The chameleon is named Joshua and he was curious at all the students looking at him.


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